Karaoke Music

We are pleased to announce we have greatly expanded our already large karaoke music library. On Friday, May 24th we added an additional 11,376 songs! We also now have a subscription with several karaoke labels such as SBI, Sunfly, Digitrax, Pridus and more! This means new karaoke music will be added to our library weekly. When it comes to professional Karaoke in Maine very few can compete with the services we provide. Not only do we have the newest karaoke music around but we maintain our high standards to quality, morality, and legality. If your DJ/KJ says they will download your song off the internet we ask you to take note that unless they are purchasing the song this is an illegal practice. Also notice if they are using CDs and be sure they are originals and not copies. What does it says about your DJ if they are stealing music? We will never use unlicensed music in any of our shows. You can feel safe knowing that we’ve purchased every song in our library and it will be of the highest quality. There is no need to worry that we will be shutdown for music piracy and/or copyright violations. No worries that your club or event will face legal actions. So sit back and enjoy our large assortment of music. We have something for everyone!

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