karaoke-photobIf you love to sing DJ-BrianC is the right choice in Karaoke Service! Providing quality Entertainment in Maine. We use a state of the art computerized system. This system allows us to find your song fast. It also manages singer rotation which is displayed on our screen and/or your club’s overhead screens with the songs lyrics! You can also add-on our Video Projection Service. Our Karaoke DJ Services are like no other in our market.

We are a full Service Maine Karaoke DJ and we are available for hire!

Our Shows are 100% legal. This means we’ve paid for every karaoke song in our library.

We provide one of the largest legal libraries in the state of Maine.

We are currently the only certified legal karaoke hosts in Maine & NH! Don’t take a chance by hiring someone with unlicensed music. The fines for music piracy are stiff and both of you can be held accountable. If you’re not sure what this means please don’t hesitate to ask. We don’t play games with our music. We raise the bar for quality Karaoke Service in Maine. It is important yourKaraoke DJ has a large library! We have the entire song library from Chartbuster Karaoke at our fingertips waiting to be unlocked by you and your guests.

We cover all styles of music including:
Country, Oldies, Pop, Urban, Classic Rock, Alternative, R&B, Rap, etc.

Interested in learning the History of karaoke?

Karaoke is a perfect add-on service to any event. Be sure to discuss this addition with us.


We’re happy to provide karaoke to any event such as Weddings, Parties or Clubs, and Corporate Events.

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